This season we are taking flight, inspired by the elusive fragility and softness of clouds. This season's finalé is a pair of cloud patterned bell-bottoms paired with a tangible and touchable, life-sized cloud.

House of Sisson Fall/Winter 2021   –   405Fest Runway Show July 10th 2021

Live Furniture: The Self-Standing Chairs

Live Furniture: A Mini Collection   –   Loong Sleeve Jackets

Morphology: dyed Bacterial Patterns

Inspired by the organic spherical patterns created by the growth of cocci bacteria, this hand-dyed collection captures both the the earthly beauty of vibrant emeralds and fuchsias and the natural toxicity of such colors in the wild. 

House of Sisson Spring/Summer 2021   –   405Fest Runway Show January 2021

The Cocci Collection

A Morphology Mini Collection: Hand-Dyed Accessories

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Vapors of Melancholy

Featuring The Finalé Piece Of The 405Fest Runway Show January 2020 – The Luxurious silver silk straight-jakcet

Vapors of Melancholy began as an exploration of a visual translation of the stages of grief but evolved to resonate with the concept of depression. The collection consists of four pieces (Chaos, Ache, Frustration, and Emptiness) that display an artistic approach to the effects depression has on perspective.

Frustration: The Luxurious Silver Silk Straight-Jacket

Chaos: Goddess of Chaos Head Piece

Ache: Faux Snake Vinyl Harness

Emptiness: Dark Babydoll Dress

Exploration of 3D Embroidery

This project is an exploration of 3D embroidery. By studying and utilizing multiple yarn embroidery techniques, this creation is refined yet whimsical, twisting and dancing around the body while maintaining the simplicity and ease of a sweatshirt.

Bushido Code: Virtues of the Samurai

The Samurai with the Wooden Earring

These portraits are visual interpretations of the Bushido virtues, capturing the elegant essence of The Girl with the Pearl Earring while adding the strength and honor of Japanese Samurai addition of  the fortitude of the wood and brilliance of the primary colors. The virtues of Bushido are represented through color choice. Red represents courage, yellow represents honor, black represents sincerity, and white represents benevolence. The symbol of the Samurai is painted in black on the base of the earring to draw the eye down the sharp curve of the red paint. The sharp curves are inspired by the crisp edges of a katana, the traditional weapon of the samurai. Samurai were of the highest honor and placed a great deal of importance on loyalty and duty. This piece expresses the same passion for these ethical qualities that lead to a fulfilled life.

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