House of Sisson

Bespoke couture

couture that emanates sustainability through the incorporation of vintage renovations, repurposed furs, recycled leathers, and original ideas.

Lily Sisson is an upcoming designer, attending Parsons School of Design, The New SchoolOriginating in Oklahoma City, she has continued building her brand in New York City.

Sisson strives to create enthralling, original, and unique pieces — seeking to empower and inspire her clients.

Making Fur & Leather Ethical

Real fur and leather are superior in quality and fortitude compared to faux alternatives. 

When it comes to incorporating real furs and leathers into Haute Couture, the key is ethical sourcing. Sisson repurposes existing fur and leather, void of new material waste. Real fur and leather is naturally insulating, breathable, durable, and incredibly tenacious. Well made, genuine pieces will last decades after the garment was first created.

Lily Sisson is both the creative director of House of Sisson and a member of the creative team of the vintage retail brand Vintage405, for whom she’s been a designer, stylist, and occasional photographer for nearly three years.

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